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KLEBES -- Mr. John F. Klebes -- Technology Innovation, New Product/Process Development, Project Management

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Mr. John F. Klebes
Principal Consultant

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Technology Innovation, New Product/Process Development, Project Management, Product Management, Emerging Technology, Technology Gate-keeping, Biometrics, Access Control, Less-than-lethal Weapons, Electronic Small Arms, MIL-STD Environmental Product Testing, RFID, Firearms

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Mr. Klebes has a broad understanding of state of the art technology with proven working skills in electrical, mechanical, software and systems engineering. This, combined with competence in financial aspects, accomplishments in program management, and a passion for success results in true innovation. Demonstrated ability to identify, discover, and innovate, and then by setting strategic direction, determining tactical approach and finally by managing and contributing technically to development programs to make major new discoveries and create significant change and profit.

Consulting services available in the development of technology roadmaps, vetting of new technology innovations, implementation of R&D Stage Gate technology management, new product introduction from idea through prototype to manufacturing introduction, market needs characterization, technology opportunity/risk assessments, acquisition due diligence, business technology alignment, and product/market conformance testing. Skilled in environmental and MIL-STD testing to vet manufacturing readiness of new designs and acceleration of maturity of product concept to manufacturable design.

Mr. Klebes is a Senior Member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) and has participated in technology steering committees including IEEE Standards, Justice/Industry Committee on Law Enforcement Technology, RPI Computer Integrated Manufacturing Program Industrial Advisory Board, Lehigh University Center for Manufacturing Systems Engineering Industrial Advisory Board, Georgia Tech Center for Manufacturing Industrial Advisory Board. 

Mr. Klebes is a named inventor with over 20 US Patents awarded in electronic firearms, biometrics, and security systems: (6711843, 6523296, 6434875, 6430860, 6425199, 6421944, 6412208, 6405473, 6397508, 6370806, 6360470, 6360469, 6360468, 6357157, 6357156, 6345461, 6321478, 6286242, 6286241, 6260300, 5918492)