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LOWE -- Madeleine Lowe -- LabView Programming, Embedded C Programming, Embedded Controller Hardware

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Madeleine Lowe
Lowe Temperature Solutions, Inc.
199 Old Tilton Road
Canterbury, NH 03224

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voice: 603-783-4065

Key Words

LabView Programming, Embedded C Programming, Embedded Controller Hardware, PLC, Programmable Logic Controller, HMI Touchscreens, Turnkey Test Systems, Refrigeration Control Systems

Consulting Profile

Design of embedded control systems for commercial products.  Some examples include a microwave generator, freon leak detectors, and more recently an infusion pump for the medical product industry.

Design of PLC-based industrial control systems for OEMs.  One design using a plc, co-processor and touchscreen for the HMI interface was used in an award winning EUV source.

Rapid prototype of HMI interfaces.. This PDA-based Labview program was used to provide a rapid and adaptable customer interface for evaluating of a medical device. After the evaluation period, the PDA was then replaced with a touchscreen and firmware in the embedded processor.

Design and manufacture of turnkey, standalone test equipment. Designs utilize pc's, embedded processors, plc's, daq cards, remote i/o and specialized instruments such as oscilloscopes.  Some examples include a motor burn-in and test system for multiple stations with asynchronous cycles, a complete test stand rack including power supplies, operator and safety controls, gas flow instruments controlled with a PC running a custom LabView program.

Design of control systems for thermal test chambers. These controlled dual asynchronous product testing sequences using multiple supervisory pc's, plc's with coprocessors, gpib control of dozens of power supplies, interfaces to multiple temperature controllers,multiple racks of VXI instruments for individual product test interfaces and interfacing with customer specified custom test equipment.  These projects included all the software for the controllers in multiple programming languages (LabView, TI, GE or AD plc ladder logic, and Basic) for coordinating the tests and uploading the results to a manufacturing host computer.