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ROTHWEILER -- Mr. Joseph Rothweiler -- Digital Signal Processing, DSP, Speech processing, voice analysis

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Mr. Joseph Rothweiler
Sensicomm LLC
14 Old Coach RD
Hudson. NH 03051

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voice: 603-882-5688

Key Words

Digital Signal Processing, DSP, Speech processing, voice analysis, audio, modulation, demodulation, error correcting codes, FPGA programming.

Consulting Profile

Sensicomm LLC provides research and development services in the areas of digital signal processing, speech and audio analysis, and general signal processing. Services include basic analysis, algorithm development, programming, and hardware design and development.

Joe Rothweiler has over 30 years of R&D and product development experience at ITT, Lucent, and Sanders. Since starting Sensicomm LLC in 2003 clients have included Sirius Satellite Radio, Lucent, L-3 Communications, and several small startups.

Capabilities include mathematical analysis and development of algorithms using digital filtering, FFT's, spectral analysis, waveform modulation/demodulation (PSK, FSK, OFDM, ...), error-correcting codes (Reed-Solomon, Convolutional, Golay, etc).

Products may be implemented in software (C/C++, Matlab, various uC or DSP assembly languages) or Xilinx FPGA firmware. I also do some hardware design and assembly for interfacing and specific processing functions. Platforms include AVR and ARM chips, FPGA's, and USB interfaces.

Member of Analog Devices DSP Collaborative, supporting TigerSharc and BLACKFin processors.