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Considerations and Issues in Consulting Agreements

posted Jun 8, 2010, 6:19 PM by CNET-NH Administrator   [ updated Jun 8, 2010, 6:24 PM ]


What are the general considerations and key issues that need to be addressed in consulting agreements?

In this one-hour presentation, Mr. Cunningham will address some legal aspects important to consultants involved in the planning,
negotiating and drafting of consulting agreements.

The principal topics in his discussion will be:

  • General principles of contract law relevant to consulting agreements
  • Key legal issues specifically relevant to consulting agreements
  • Key tax issues relevant to consulting agreements
  • Key intellectual property issues relevant to consulting agreements
  • If the consultant has the upper hand in negotiating a consulting engagement, what should the consultant seek?
  • If the client has the upper hand in negotiating a consulting engagement, how should the consultant handle the negotiation?

During this presentation Mr. Cunningham will comment on the IEEE prototype consulting agreement.

About the Speaker  

John M. Cunningham is of counsel to McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton, P.A., a New England law firm with offices in Manchester, NH, Woburn, MA and other cities. He is licensed to practice law in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. His practice is focused on providing legal and tax planning services to clients starting new businesses. He has published two books on limited liability company (“LLC”) formations—a general (i.e., non-state-specific) book and, with Vernon R. Proctor of the Delaware Bar, a book on Delaware LLCs. He has extensive experience in negotiating and drafting consulting agreements for individuals and companies that provide consulting services in high-tech fields and in various other fields. He has taught seminars on consulting agreements, LLC law and tax and other topics nationwide to business groups, law firms, accounting firms, bar associations and CPA societies nationwide.