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Continuing Education Topics

posted Jul 15, 2010, 3:59 PM by CNET-NH Administrator   [ updated Feb 23, 2011, 4:03 PM ]


Continuing Education is a requirement to maintain professional relevance. This presentation shows an overview of requirements for maintenance of the professional engineering (PE) license, reporting requirements, and a description of various ways to meet those requirements; most of which Dr. Barrett has personal experience. Dr. Barrett found a lack of CEU accredited courses in his area of interest, and will speak on his experience creating courses that are accredited for PE CEU's. Come meet the author If you are NOT a PE and don't need the CEUs for credit, these courses can be obtained for free at:

About the Author:

Dr. Barrett is a registered Professional Engineer, Educator, and visionary IEEE Author/Speaker with wide ranging expertise in many disciplines of electronics: resulted in 35 patents and numerous awards. He has been an invited speaker on many engineering topics. He has had experience in both large and small corporations, where he focused on development of new innovative products, processes, methodologies, practices and supportive design environments for engineering creativity.Dr. Barrett is one of the founding members of the IEEE Consultant's Network of New Hampshire and a member of the Boston Section Consultant's Network. As CEO of American Research and Development LLC, author of a Continuing Education Series for SunCam, and long time Professional Engineer he brings a multifaceted view of this topic.


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