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An FPGA-based Data Acquisition System

posted May 7, 2010, 1:26 PM by CNET-NH Administrator   [ updated Jun 13, 2010, 1:58 PM ]


This talk will describe the development and use of the MHZ100Q, an open source, high-speed, multichannel data acquisition system for general laboratory use and experimentation. Applications include oscilloscope-like data capture and display, HF signal analysis and demodulation, and other algorithm development and analysis.

Design goals for the MHZ100Q include low cost, flexibility and modifiability, while providing essentials like clean buffer amplifiers and anti-aliasing filters. A secondary feature is compatibility with existing open and proprietary software tools like Octave and Matlab.  
A cost-related goal was to put as much functionality as possible in the FPGA minimizing the number of external components. To that end, it implements a USB interface in VHDL, uses internal RAM for data storage, and uses the internal clock generation circuitry to derive the A/D sampling clocks. The A/D's operate at a fixed rate, and lower sampling rates are simulated by digital decimation algorithms inside the FPGA.  
The talk includes a discussion of the design decisions involved in FPGA selection, an overview of the development process, and discussion of the DSP algorithms used. A demonstration of a unit in operation is planned.  

About the Speaker  

Joseph Rothweiler is a consultant providing research and development services in the areas of digital signal processing, speech and audio analysis, and other signal processing applications. Clients have included Sirius Satellite Radio, Agere Systems, L-3 Communications, and various smaller and start-up companies.