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The Beeping False Teeth Project

posted Jan 11, 2011, 4:22 PM by CNET-NH Administrator


A wealthy gentleman "invented" and patented the idea of putting a locating beacon on false teeth and eyeglasses.  Among his many holdings were several assisted living communities.  The residents kept hiding or losing these items.  The cost to find or replace them became significant in the large organization.

Over six years, two companies failed before completing laboratory demonstrations for battery life and range.  On one bad-luck day, Intrel Service Company was recommended by two independent advisors as the place to get the problem solved.

The presentation of this real life adventure includes: extracting a feasible contract from a pipe dream; dealing politely (or not) with a technically out-of-touch client; getting paid thanks to a properly structured contract; using gun play when necessary to force an issue (really!); having a hands-on hardware demo for attendees to enjoy; and showing some neat technical tricks in a brief summary of the hardware/software solution.

About the author:

Mr. James Kuzdrall is the owner of Intrel Service Company and has produced over 200 circuit designs through his career involving some 24000 electronic components.  About half of the designs are in the analog area and include digital computers, microprocessor-based controllers, digital state machines, analog computers, ultra sensitive amplifiers, ultrasonic systems, and high power servo systems.  Mr. Kuzdrall holds 4 patents, is the author of more than 15 articles in publications such as "Electronic Design" and the "C Users Journal", and he has lectured at businesses and several area universities.